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What we do

Merciful Relief International currently has a compound in Gumba, South Sudan. Gumba is a suburb of Juba, the country’s capital. The compound is on two plots of land. One of the homes is currently housing six children. We partnered with another organization based in Canada, the Padang Relief Society. Together we are running the Mercy Orphanage Home in both Juba and Malakal.


Our Mission is to rescue abandoned children, orphans and disabled in South Sudan, or children who are not supported by their parents due to economic challenges. MRI provides children’s basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, schooling and healthcare, to enable the children to develop and realize their potentials as human being.

Disability is a challenge

In some culture disabled child have no chance to lived, therefore during their birth they have to be killed by family members, some built the nest and put the child in and placed it on top of the tree leaving a child to die there or push them into the river to die either way.
MRI will protect children who born with birth defects, we adopted and take care of disabled children to live with no discrimination in our homes.

   Protection of children with disability

The child protection issues is a worldwide concern, specially in war zone children are suffering, violence is affecting children, many involved in child soldier, child labor, abuse and neglect, MRI is providing a safe and loving environment to children who need help.
MRI provides awareness on child protection and rehabilitation of former child soldiers, neglected, abused and other war affected children.